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We accept initial reservations via the booking form on our website Within a day of receiving the reservation, we will send you a confirmation via email.  By signing and submitting the booking form, you confirm that you (and your group) have read, understood and agree to abide by our terms and conditions (detailed on our website – website of Cortijo Las Olivas.)


Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of the fully completed and Booking Form, the deposit or full payment of the rental charge. Until that time no contract or agreement will be considered to exist between us. If significant changes need to be made in the Booking Form after the reservation has been confirmed, an amended booking form must be completed.

Note that the deposit in the form of a credit card, bank transfer or Paypal payment is required to secure all bookings. You are not required to have a Paypal account in order to make this payment.

Your reservation is considered tentative and no contract will be considered to exist between us until we receive the completed Booking Form, together with the deposit/s or full payment of the rental charge according to the schedule below. All Figures in this section refer to the rental charge as set out in relation to your particular property or properties in our price list.

If you are booking less than four weeks (28 days or less) before the first day of your rental, we must receive the completed Booking Form with 100% of the total price. Failure to do so may cause us to cancel your booking without prior notice. Payments will be accepted by Paypal.

If you are booking more than four weeks (28 days or more) before the first day of your rental, we must receive the completed booking form with a deposit of 20% of the total price. Failure to do so may cause us to cancel your booking without prior notice. Payments will be accepted in the forms described in paragraph 7.

The price quoted on the price list is the contractual rental price. Please note that our yearly Price List is to be considered as an indication only as changes to the prices might occur during the year and be updated on our website.


Cortijo Las Olivas will issue and send all payment reminders and correspondance to the party leader, and that person will be referred to as the Party Leader. The Party Leader is the person who is legally responsible for the contract. Cortijo Las Olivas will only correspond with the Party Leader. The Party Leader is responsible for settlement of all payments to Cortijo Las Olivas.


For all other correspondence, it is agreed that both parties accept documents transmitted by facsimile or electronic means.


A 100 Euro cash deposit per property rented may be required on arrival. This deposit should be given to the owner when the keys to the property exchange hands if requested. In the case of group bookings, The Party Leader will be responsible for handing over all deposits on behalf of the group.

The security deposit will usually be returned at the end of your stay when the keys to the property are returned. If there is damage to the property or any outstanding payments to Cortijo Las Olivas, the security deposit may be retained by Cortijo Las Olivas.

Clients are obliged to take reasonable and proper care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the tenancy.

The security deposit may be retained under the following circumstances:

A.To settle an outstanding balance, invalid or unpaid cheques, or payments not received according to the Payment Schedule;

B. To settle amendment or cancellation fees;

C. To settle cancellation fees for Extra Services;

D. To settle the Final Bill if payment cannot be made in local currency or travellers’ cheques;

E. To pay for any damage to the property caused by you or your group.

F. To pay for extra cleaning incurred if the property is left in a particularly dirty or untidy condition.

If damage to the property has been incurred, it should be reported immediately to the property owner. A settlement will then be made in accordance with the conditions in paragraph 22.


Clients are advised that The Security Deposit is only a nominal sum. Clients and their party are liable for the cost of all damages to the property and the property of Cortijo Las Olivas. incurred as a result of their or their group’s actions and or omissions. If the cost of repair and or replacement of the damages exceed the amount held in the Security Deposit, the Party Leader must pay the amount outstanding to Cortijo Las Olivas, before they leave the property.

Should you wish to alter the name of the Party Leader provided in the Booking Form, an amended Booking Form must be submitted.


The Final Bill details any additional charges such as repairs required as a result of damages caused by the rental party or lost articles for which the repair/replacement estimates have not been received in time. The Final Bill is presented by the owner at the conclusion of the rental period and is payable to him/her in Euros (cash).

Invoices for any outstanding items will be forwarded to the client as soon as they are received. These charges may be paid by credit card, Paypal (additional charge of 4.5%) or bank transfer.


Payments are accepted in Euros(€)only and may be made by Paypal in accordance with the restrictions set out in the above schedule.

The Final Bill, which is presented by the owner of the property at the end of the rental period, must be paid directly to him/her in Euros (€).


Substantial amendments to bookings, such as a change of dates or properties, or cancellations must be conveyed immediately by telephone, fax or e-mail and confirmed in writing and may be subject to penalty charges as follows:

I. Amendments requested more than four  weeks (28 days) before the first day of the rental period may be subject to an administration charge of €20.00 with any difference in the cost of the revised arrangements.

II. Notices of cancellation or of substantial amendments received within four weeks (28 days) or less of the first day of the rental period are subject to a penalty of 100% of the Invoice Price.

III. Notices of cancellation received four weeks (28 days) or more prior to the first day of the rental period, for bookings in the current year or for bookings in the following year, are subject to a penalty of 20% of the price.


We undertake to notify clients in the unlikely event that we are forced to make changes to their booking. Should a property become unavailable for reasons beyond our control, we will do our utmost to find an alternative property in the same area and of a similar description, and reserve the right to transfer your booking to that property. Should no similar or suitable properties be available, we will refund the full amount paid to us for the rental and additional services but we will not be liable for cancellation charges pertaining to travel arrangements.


The number of people staying at the property and or using the facilities of the property throughout the rental period must never exceed the number of sleeping places indicated in the property description and in the Accommodation Description on our website.

Should the composition of the party as detailed in the Booking Form change prior to the rental period, clients are asked to notify Cortijo Las Olivas. promptly via email.

Guests not staying on the premises (non residential guests) are not allowed to occupy the property and or grounds/facilities of the property without prior written agreement from the owner. Non residential guests are not permitted to use the swimming pool.


The standard letting period for properties is one week, Saturday to Saturday. Individual days are available subject to availability.


A. Arrivals

Clients are expected to arrive at the property between 4:00 and 7:00pm on the first day of the rental period. If a different arrival time is anticipated, notification must be received via email or telephone at Cortijo Las Olivas. well in advance. Arrivals are not usually permitted before 4:00pm, although every effort will be made to accomodate our guests' travel arrangements.

Upon arrival, clients should inspect the property with the owner and ensure that they fully understand the use of any appliances, equipment and utilities.

B. Departures

Clients are expected to vacate the property before 10:00am on the final day of the rental period. The owner will arrive at the property around 9:00am for an inspection of the property and presentation of the Final Bill. Should departure prior to 10:00am be necessary, clients are requested to notify the owner at the beginning of the rental period in order to arrange an alternative time for the property inspection (Please note this may not be possible). If you choose not to be present at the inspection, you will not be entitled to query the Final Bill.


Clients are responsible for ensuring that they hold the proper documentation for their visit to Spain.


We have visited and inspected each property. The descriptions contained in our website were accurate at the time of publication and made in good faith. We decline all responsibility for any modifications made by the owners without our knowledge, or for construction or alteration of the landscape in the vicinity of the property. Clients will be notified in writing of any changes that are made to a property or anticipated/current construction projects in the area if we are made aware of them, and the description will be altered accordingly.

Panoramic views and privacy entail a certain amount of elevation and distance from main thoroughfares so please be prepared for a hill or two along the way. Access roads to rural properties may be rough, twisting and/or bumpy - drivers of low-slung cars should check with Cortijo Las Olivas. to ensure that access is reasonable. Stated driving times are approximate.


During unusually dry periods water shortages may occur in rural locations with the result that lawns may become scorched and wells may malfunction slightly and produce odd smells. Likewise, sudden rains can seriously affect roads, drives and stated driving times.


Clients with infants and small children should check with a Cortijo Las Olivas. if a crib, cot or high chair is available. These may not conform to safety standards and are used at the client’s own risk.


A. Linens and tableware

Properties are supplied with linens, towels and tableware sufficient for the number of guests indicated in the Booking Form. Fresh linens and towels are provided weekly.

B. Utilities

Charges for heating are applied according to consumption and must be paid locally at the end of the rental period.
5000 kilowatts of electricity are included in the rental charge. Excess consumption is charged at €0.60 per kilowatt.

Water and tap hot water are included in the rental charge. We recommend drinking bottled water only.

Should problems arise with the delivery of water, gas, electricity or telephone services, the owner will do their utmost to remedy the situation but cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery due to circumstances beyond their control.


The swimming pool is generally open between May and September, although this may vary according to the weather and the property owner’s inclinations. Clients should check with Cortijo LAs Olivas

Use of the swimming pool is strictly at the clients’ own risk and children should be supervised at all times.


Pets are welcome throughout the property.


Your completion of the Booking Form is taken as a declaration that you hold a valid travel insurance policy as generally available in Europe. For non-European citizens we highly recommend that you obtain coverage for medical and personal liability, as well as loss of luggage, monies and repatriation.


The property will be in a clean and well-maintained state when you arrive, and it is expected that you and your party will keep it so throughout the rental period. If the property has not been left in an acceptable state, the owner at his/her discretion may add up to €50.00 per person to the Final Bill for the extra cleaning and tidying required.

The Party Leader is responsible for the decent behaviour of his party. Should the party behave in a manner that is not acceptable, the owner has the right to ask you to vacate the premises.

No camping is permitted on the property grounds.


Every effort has been made to ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable holiday. If, however, a problem occurs at the property, it is the client’s responsibility to notify the owner promptly so that he or she may take the action required. If the problem is not or cannot be resolved satisfactorily within a reasonable time frame, the client should contact Cortijo Las Olivas by telephone and ensure that they can be reached while the problem is being handled.

The Party Leader is liable for any damages caused to the property, its contents or grounds by any member of the party or the loss of any articles belonging to the property such as mobile telephones. The cost of repairing any damages caused by the party or replacing any articles lost will be included in the Final Bill, unless the owner has been unable to obtain a cost estimate for the repairs before the end of the rental period. In this case, the outstanding issues will be noted on the Final Bill and an amended Final Bill will be sent to the client as soon as costs/estimates have been received. The client will pay the amended Final Bill within 7 days. In the event of a disagreement regarding the extent of the damage or the cost of the repairs or lost articles, clients must call Cortijo Las Olivas immediately and speak directly with a staff member before leaving the property.

Vacating the property without speaking directly to an Cortijo Las Olivas staff member will void the client’s right to query charges or to claim compensation or refund for costs or rental charges. Cortijo Las Olivas will not offer a remedy for any issue, problem or complaint raised after the rental period.

Any refunds offered shall not exceed the amount of the total Invoice Price.


In the event of a dispute concerning the terms of this contract, Spanish law will have jurisdiction.


By completing and submitting the Booking Form, you and all members of your party acknowledge full awareness of these Booking Conditions and agree to accept and abide by the terms stated.

We do not accept any responsibility for the breakdown of water supply, gas, electricity, telephone, quality of roads, scorched lawns due to excessive sunlight or pool filtration systems, although we will make every possible effort to rectify and solve problems as quickly as possible.

We do not have any obligation to compensate you for any personal injury, death, loss or damage of whatever nature suffered by you (or by any member of your party) save to the extent caused by our own negligence.


Opening out onto our colourful Mediterranean gardens, La Hacienda is a beautifully decorated traditional Andalucian cottage with all the comfort of a modern home. Look out for it's original Andalucian features including a high vaulted ceiling, wide windows to take in the view and gorgeous marble staircase. La Hacienda has stunning views and caters for up to 4 people. please click to find out more.



La Finca is Cortijo Las Olivas' largest cottage and caters for up to 5 people. Opening out onto our colourful Mediterranean courtyard, La Finca boasts a balcony with panoramic views of the mountains, pool and gardens, beautiful marble staircase and fully equipped kitchen, please click to find out more.

Opening out onto our large 'Mountain Spring water pool', La Casita is a quaint little cottage which caters for 2 people. La Casita is open plan and consists of a fully equipped marble topped kitchen, double bed and bright airy shower room.  Perfect for romantic getaways. please click to find out more.