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The special light, panoramic vistas, unique architecture and Climate of Andalucia makes it the perfect place for you to explore your creativity.


Most artists find that the light in AndalucĂ­a is marvellous for painting. In particular, with watercolours. Increasingly, the local town halls are offering art classes for a very low cost for both residents and vacationers. In Mijas, there is a thriving art centre which has classes in several media, including watercolour, oils and sculpture. Other towns along the coast and inland also offer courses, exhibitions and artists’ groups. These are usually held on a weekly basis and there are regular exhibitions of students' work in the villages.

For those who have chosen to holiday here, painting Andalucia can be a delightful activity which is creative, stimulating and satisfying. If you decide not to join a class, then there are numerous locations and subjects to be found on a country ramble!


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What to expect


The quality of air and of light here is superb. Colour is clean clear and bright, and contrasts of light and shade are strong and sharp. And yet sometimes the effects of atmospheric conditions can render this vast landscape as a rich palette of immense delicacy and subtlety.


The surrounding countryside is a wonderful haven for some quite exotic wildlife, and offers a wealth of possibilities for the painter, (provided you are reasonably able-bodied!)

There are wildflower meadows and waterfalls, orchards and olive groves, rocky canyons and terraced farmlands. Within the village the ancient white houses stand amid a tangle of quaint and shady alleys, all beautifully bedecked with flowers on their balconies.



Getting started in watercolour requires very few materials:


  • Paint - Burnt Sienna, Indigo, etc
  • Brushes, such as a no. 2 fine liner brush & 1" flat brush

  • Paper - 1 sheet of 300gsm paper
  • A white plastic plate or a flat lid for a palette
  • Masking tape and a piece of cardboard to tape down your paper
  • An old towel to cover your work table and wipe your brush on
  • A pencil

Buy the best you can afford, but remember, some of the most beautiful, expressive, paintings were done on cave walls with mud and a stick!

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There are inspirational subjects to be found everywhere, and the intensity of the light enhances everything to an almost magical degree. There is a timelessness and tranquility here that is deeply relaxing yet stimulating too.


You can enjoy a free tapas at one of the outdoor cafes in the pueblo blancos dotted around, You can  watch genuine Flamenco being performed, and there are various other live music events staged in small venues around the area on a regular basis.

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Opening out onto our colourful Mediterranean gardens, La Hacienda is a beautifully decorated traditional Andalucian cottage with all the comfort of a modern home. Look out for it's original Andalucian features including a high vaulted ceiling, wide windows to take in the view and gorgeous marble staircase. La Hacienda has stunning views and caters for up to 4 people. please click to find out more.



La Finca is Cortijo Las Olivas' largest cottage and caters for up to 5 people. Opening out onto our colourful Mediterranean courtyard, La Finca boasts a balcony with panoramic views of the mountains, pool and gardens, beautiful marble staircase and fully equipped kitchen, please click to find out more.

Opening out onto our large 'Mountain Spring water pool', La Casita is a quaint little cottage which caters for 2 people. La Casita is open plan and consists of a fully equipped marble topped kitchen, double bed and bright airy shower room.  Perfect for romantic getaways. please click to find out more.